Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much to consider when planning your wedding. To help you get started, here are some frequently asked questions about Clifford Barton Weddings. If you have any further queries please get in touch.

Can we use the wood fired hot tub?2019-11-13T16:20:38+00:00

Yes, one wood fired hot tub session is included in the wedding package, timing to be agreed in advance (it takes 2+hrs to heat the water to a good temperature).

How many guests can stay at Clifford Barton?2019-11-13T16:13:20+00:00

18 guests can stay in cottages (3 cottages), 10 guests can stay in bell tents, 2 guests can stay in an ensuite room and the bride and groom can stay in the Love Nest. In total 32! Plus the adjacent campsite.

Can less mobile guests get to Bridesmere Bridge for the Ceremony?2019-11-13T17:22:59+00:00

There is vehicle access to Bridesmere Bridge for those not able to make the scenic walk (c.8mins).

Can our guests camp?2019-11-13T16:31:01+00:00

We have five 4-metre bell tents at Clifford Barton which can be booked by your guests. There is a camp site next door which can be booked exclusively for guests. Arrangements for this would need to be made directly with Sweet Meadows.

Can we have fireworks?2019-11-13T17:25:43+00:00

No, sorry, Clifford Barton is a nature reserve and is surrounded by farmland with livestock so we wouldn’t want to impact on the wildlife and farm animals. You are however very welcome to have sparklers and to toast marshmallows around the fire pit.

Can we have a hand tying Ceremony?2019-11-13T16:27:29+00:00

Yes you can, although the service would need to be carried out by a Celebrant, rather than a Registrar and so wouldn’t be legally binding. If you want to be legally married you would need to get the legal bit done prior to or after the hand tying.

Can we have welcome drinks/nibbles by the lake?2019-11-13T17:14:34+00:00

Absolutely, this works really well, particularly straight after the Ceremony on Bridesmere Bridge.

G&Ts served from ice-filled wheelbarrows? Whatever takes your fancy.

Guests can stroll around the lake and enjoy the views and wild flower meadows. Great photo opportunities!

Can we have music for the Ceremony on Bridesmere Bridge?2019-11-13T16:41:32+00:00

Yes, a string quartet or solo guitarist can be magical. Alternatively, amplified music can be used (though would need battery power – no mains electricity at the lake).

What if really bad weather prevents a Ceremony on Bridesmere Bridge?2019-11-13T17:19:55+00:00

We have 3 sites that are licensed for marriages at Clifford Barton.

For indoor options, take you pick from the Corn Barn (open to one side) or Swallow Barn (fully covered).

Can we have a fire pit?2019-11-13T17:30:08+00:00

Yes, we can light the fire pit and you and your guests can enjoy a body and soul-warming fire under the stars with free fire wood.

Bridesmere, the Meadow (bell tent field) and the Love Nest all have their own fire pits.

There’s also a large wood-burning stove in Swallow Barn, which can be lit throughout the day to take any chill out of the air, or just in the evening to add to the atmosphere, for which again free wood fuel is provided.

Can we bring our own caterer and suppliers?2019-11-13T17:37:36+00:00

Our recommended caterer is Georgina Hart, with whom we work closely and who knows Clifford Barton well. Georgina can supply a broad range of menus and styles, to suit all tastes.

If you would rather bring your own caterer, or other service providers, that’s fine, but we ask that they they visit us in advance to understand the set-up.

Are there any activities we can do whilst staying at Clifford Barton?2019-11-13T18:07:19+00:00

Green wood-working courses are run at Clifford Barton by our resident craftsman Alasdair Kilpatrick. If there’s a group who wants to try their hand at wood turning using traditional methods, this can be arranged. We’ve had honeymooners, fresh from their wedding day, making an amazing table to take home – a great memento to start married life!

Enjoy the wonderful natural environment that surrounds us here at Clifford Barton. Take a woodland stroll down through the stunning Dunsford Woods nature reserve or up the beautiful River Teign for a pint at the picturesque Fingle Bridge Inn.

We have a bunch of mountain bikes which guests staying here are welcome to use to explore the area. Or go wild swimming – various spots within walking/cycling distance, including the Salmon Leaps – one of the best wild swimming spots in the South West!

Can we have full exclusivity?2019-11-13T14:54:50+00:00

Yes, Clifford Barton, Swallow Barn, the Corn Barn, Bridesmere Bridge and the grounds is yours and your guests who are staying on site for the duration of the weekend. From Friday 12 noon for setting up, and 3pm for accommodation, until 10am Monday morning. With wedding guests not staying on site from 9am on the Wedding day until 12 midnight.

Can we get married at Clifford Barton?2019-11-13T14:57:27+00:00

Yes you can. We are an approved wedding venue and are licensed for civil marriages and civil partnerships.  You have the choice of three locations to tie the knot: Bridesmere Bridge, Swallow Barn or the Corn Barn.

How many guests can attend our Clifford Barton wedding?2019-11-13T17:12:06+00:00

Swallow Barn seats up to 110 comfortably on trestle tables and benches for a sit down Wedding Breakfast. If you would like something different then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What time do guests need to leave the venue after the wedding?2019-11-13T16:01:44+00:00

For those wedding guests not staying on site carriages are at Midnight. There is space for 32 guests to stay at Clifford Barton and they are welcome to carry on the party around one of the fire pits providing respectful noise levels are adhered to.

Can we have a band/live music?2019-11-13T18:08:34+00:00

Yes, you are welcome to have a live band/ disco/DJ of your choice. Unfortunately all amplified music must be switched off by 11.30pm.

Is there a corkage charge?2019-11-14T00:13:41+00:00

There is no corkage charge up to 37.5cl of Champagne or similar sparkling wine (half a standard bottle) for welcome drinks and toast drinks combined, and 37.5cl of table wine (half a standard bottle) for each guest over 18 years.

Can we bring our own alcohol?2019-11-13T15:04:44+00:00

If you’d like to bring all your own alcohol that’s fine. We would run the bar for you and there would be a £500 charge for this option.

Do we or our guests pay for the accommodation?2019-11-13T15:05:19+00:00

It’s up to you, however, usually it’s easier for guests to book directly with us. You can give us a list of who you want in each cottage and then your guests can contact us directly.

How long do we have the accommodation for?2019-11-13T15:06:18+00:00

For a Saturday wedding the accommodation is yours from 3pm on the Friday until 10am on the Monday. However, individual cottages can be booked for longer if required. As we are in a great holiday location some guests may want to extend their stay to take a week’s break.

Is the accommodation included in the Venue Hire price?2019-11-14T00:20:01+00:00

The accommodation is charged separately, but at our usual holiday cottage prices. It is not artificially inflated for weddings.

Normally, those wedding guests who are staying in the cottages for a wedding will book them directly with us, rather than them being booked (and paid for) by the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Can we bring our own decorations/lights/flowers to decorate the barn?2019-11-14T00:21:07+00:00

Absolutely, you are free to decorate the barns and Bridesmere bridge as you wish providing that no harm is caused.

When are the payments due?2019-11-13T15:08:54+00:00

30% of the Wedding Venue Hire fee is payable at the time of booking to secure the wedding date, with the balance being due 12 weeks before the wedding date.